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Dr. Hedi Mattoussi



  • Habilitation to Direct Research, Physical Chemistry/Nanomaterials, February 1994
  • Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, October 1987; Work done at the Collège de France, Condensed Matter Physics Laboratory.
  • M. S. Condensed Matter Physics, June 1984.
  • B. S. Physics, June 1982; graduated with Honors.

Contact Information
Email:mattoussi [at]
Location Information
Office:4006 CSL
Lab:4702 CSL
Chemistry Research
Research Website
6 Graduate; 3 Postdocs

Research Interest

Hedi Mattoussi Laboratory Page

Research areas: We focus on understanding, controlling and tailoring the interfaces between inorganic nanocrystals and biological (as well as non-biological) systems.  This requires making progress on few parallel tracks, including: nanoparticle design, structural and optical characterization, ligand design and characterization, chemical interfacing of QDs, Au nanoparticles and magnetic nanocrystals with biological systems, biosensing assemblies, in vivo imaging and sensing.

Research tools: synthetic organic and inorganic chemistry; 1H NMR; X-ray and light scattering techniques; TEM and SEM; Optical spectroscopy; energy transfer (FRET); FT-IR; Cell growth; Cell imaging.

Area 1: Design, synthesis and characterization of inorganic nanocrystals

Area 2: Design, synthesis and characterization of multidentate and multifunctional ligands

Area 3: Design of nanoparticle-bioconjugates as analytical tools for sensing, imaging and diagnostics


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