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Dr. Gregory B. Dudley

Dr. Gregory B. Dudley

Associate Professor

Ph.D. (2000) Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Contact Information
5007 CSL 850.644.2333
5405 CSL 850.644.9624
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Research Specialities
Chemical Biology, Synthesis and Catalysis
18 Graduate; 1 Postdoc; 5 Visiting

Research Interest

Natural products synthesis, synthetic methodology, and reaction processes for biomedical research

Our fundamental research goal is to devise, develop, and apply new ideas in organic chemistry to the efficient synthesis of interesting molecules, particularly natural products with medicinal applications. Natural products research impacts the development of many important drugs; relevant examples include aspirin, penicillin, cortisone, and paclitaxel. Complex natural products arise from millions of years of evolutionary screening, and often target specific interactions in intricate biological systems. In these and many other cases, organic synthesis plays a key role in helping us capitalize on desired biological activities. We can continue to benefit from this natural selection process by developing practical syntheses of natural products and analogs.

Two main criteria guide our choice of research topics in synthetic organic chemistry:
1. Will our efforts generate new knowledge in synthetic chemistry of interest to ourselves and to the greater chemistry community?
2. Will our efforts provide better access to synthetic compounds of interest to ourselves and to the greater science community?

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Chen, P.-K.; Rosana, M. R.; Dudley, G. B.; Stiegman, A. E. Parameters affecting the microwave-specific acceleration of a chemical reaction. J. Org. Chem. 2014, 79, 7425–7436.