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Dr. Tyler McQuade


BS Chemistry UC - Irvine 1993 BS Biology UC - Irvine 1993 PhD Chemistry UW - Madison 1998 NIH Post-doctoral Fellow 1998-2001

Contact Information
Email:mcquade [at]
Location Information
Office:2005 CSL
Lab:2301 CSL
Chemistry Research
Research Website
3 Graduate; 3 Postdocs

Research Interest

The McQuade Group's overarching goal is to synthesize important molecules (biologically active for example)using efficient chemical methods and technology.

An overview of recently completed projects include:

Developing asymmetric copper(I)-based catalysts for synthesis of complex polyols:

Copper cat

Developing Novel Chemistry Using Microreactors:

Projects that we are working on now will leverage past accomplishments to produce compounds of significant importance. We are currently developing an ultra-efficient synthesis of the anti-viral drug nevirapine. If we are successful, millions of lives might be positively impacted.

Faculty Interview


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