11.2014 ::
Zhao, Sreenath, and Tyler's paper on the behavior of HBO with various impurities is published in Photochem. Photobiol.
11.2014 ::
Sreemath and Zhao's paper on Zinc(II) indicators that utilize FRET is published in Chem. Eur. J.
06.2013 ::
Congratulations to Dr. Tyler Simmons for successfully defending his dissertation!
04.2013 ::
Tyler's paper on integrated and passive 1,2,3-triazole ligands for zinc is published in Inorganic Chemistry.
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The Zhu Group in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Welcome to the Zhu group. We are a group of organic chemists aiming to apply our skills in organic chemistry to develop new technologies and to answer intriguing scientific questions in the areas of materials science and chemical biology.

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Developing Fluorescent Indicators for Mapping Biological Zinc(II) Ion
Our group aims to develop fluorescent indicators for imaging zinc(II) ion in physiological settings with both high sensitivity and large concentration coverage...
Mechanistic Investigations of Copper-Mediated Coupling Reactions
Our interest in the mechanistic aspects of copper-mediated coupling reactions arose when we discovered that...
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