National Science Foundation CAREER Award received by Prof. Justin Kennemur

Prof. Justin Kennemur has received a CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation. The award, consisting of $535,000 over 5 years, will be used to design and investigate a new class of high-performance elastomeric materials being currently developed within the group.

"The proposed work is hypothesized to produce ultra-flexible materials and super-soft gels that are potentially superior and could have applications as lubricants, articular cartilage (knee or joint) replacements, and protective equipment that reduces force impact. A new class of architectures of polymer molecules having bottlebrush-network shapes will be designed and explored, which is expected to lead to special super-elastic properties. This research will be integrated with broader impacts of education for undergraduates, graduates, and the local community. It will contribute to nurturing the growing research in polymer science at FSU and the nation. A three-point plan focuses on curriculum development, collaborative events, and community outreach directed towards underrepresented groups in polymer science. Education about plastics, their challenges, and their opportunities to solve societal needs for future generations will be undertaken and integrated with the proposed research. "

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