FSU Chemistry Wins Big at FAME 2015

Four FSU chemistry students earned top honors at the American Chemical Society's Florida Annual Meeting and Exposition last weekend in Palm Harbor, Florida. Ian Murphy (Hanson research group) won first prize for his undergraduate poster Self-Assembled Bilayers in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. Chris Brewer (Zhu research group) won second prize for his undergraduate poster Bisazides as Molecular Linkers. Daniel Nascimento (DePrince group) and Sean Hill (Hanson group) and collected first and second prize, respectively, for their graduate student posters: A Simple Quantum Mechanical Method to Simulate Molecule-Plasmon Interactions in the Time Domain (Nascimento) and Photon Upconversion and Photocurrent Generation via Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Interfaces (Hill).

FSU’s department of Chemistry and Biochemistry was well represented at the meeting, contributing more than 20 of the 200 presentations and more than 30 of the 130 posters.

Congratulations to all of our FSU presenters and award winners!

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