FSU Chemistry Wins Big at FIMS 2015

Four FSU chemistry students earned top honors at the Florida Inorganic and Materials Symposium (FIMS) last weekend in Gainesville, Florida. The symposium, entirely organized by graduate students, is an opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students from Florida universities including FSU, UF, FAMU, UNF, USF and others, to share posters and give presentation on their inorganic/materials related research. FSU students from the Hanson research group took home 4 of the 5 poster awards. Ian Murphy and Catherine Kent collected first and second prize, respectively, for their undergraduate research posters: Self-assembled Bilayer Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (Murphy) and Synthesis and Characterization of Photoresponsive Polymer Films (Kent). Jamie Wang and Sean Hill collected first and third prize, respectively, for their graduate research posters: Asymmetrically Influencing Electron Transfer Dynamics at Dye-Semiconductor Interfaces (Wang) and Photocurrent Generation via Photon Upconversion in Dual-Sensitized Self-Assembled Bi- & Tri-layer Films (Hill).
Congratulations to all of our FSU presenters and award winners!

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