FSU PhD’s Land Prestigious Academic Jobs

Three former FSU graduate students, Corey Thompson, Weiwei Zheng, and Christopher Baker, are new assistant professors at Purdue University, Syracuse University, and University of Tennessee at Knoxville, respectively.

Prof. Thompson carried out PhD research in the labs of Prof. Michael Shatruk, working on the chemistry of solid-state materials that exhibit magnetic phase transitions governed by subtle effects of the electronic band structure. Corey’s PhD work resulted in 12 research publications, as well as in the Ford Dissertation Fellowship. He is launching his own research group at Purdue after a postdoctoral stint with Prof. John Greedan at McMaster University.

Prof. Zheng is a graduate from the group of Prof. Geoffrey Strouse, where he carried out research on nanoscaled dilute magnetic semiconductors. Weiwei was the winner of the departmental Johnsen Award for the best PhD dissertation. His work in the Strouse labs produced 7 publications, providing crucial insights into the effect of magnetic dopants and exchange effects on the properties of CdSe quantum dots. After postdoctoral work at the labs of Prof. Khalid Salaita at Emory University, Weiwei has begun his independent research career as Assistant Professor at Syracuse University.

Prof. Baker did his PhD in the labs of Prof. Michael Roper, publishing 6 papers on the development and use of novel microfluidic systems for bioanalytical applications. The work he performed during his dissertation was instrumental in describing methods to couple miniaturized systems to conventional instrumentation. Dr. Baker’s postdoctoral work was done with Prof. Craig Aspinwall at the University of Arizona and at Sandia National Laboratories. He begins his independent career as an Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

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