Xiaoyan Tan Wins the Highest Graduate Research Honor at FSU

Xiaoyan Tan, a graduate student from the Shatruk group, won 2015 Graduate Student Research and Creativity Award which was sponsored by the Graduate School and Office of Research at the Florida State University. Six graduate students are selected for this award every year to recognize their superior contribution to research at FSU. Recipients must display evidence of outstanding scholarly/creative productivity as a graduate student at FSU and also national visibility in research/creative activities such as publications, presentations, etc. Xiaoyan has published five peer-reviewed papers in less than four years at FSU and presented her research at conferences every year. She received this award for her original synthesis of AlFe2B2 and demonstration of its large magnetocaloric effect (MCE). The large MCE makes AlFe2­­­B­2 a promising material for magnetic refrigeration, an environmental-friendly cooling technology that is set to provide a more energy-efficient alternative to the conventional gas expansion-compression refrigeration. In contrast to previously reported magnetic refrigerants, AlFe2B2 is composed of light, non-toxic, earth-abundant elements, which makes it appealing as practical magnetic refrigerant.

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