Stereoelectronic Effects: A Bridge between Structure and Reactivity by Igor Alabugin

FSU Chemistry Professor Igor Alabugin recently published a book titled Stereoelectronic Effects: a Bridge Between Structure and Reactivity. Over the last 12 years, Professor Alabugin has published an immense body of work dedicated to the topic and has applied these concepts to the development of new organic reactions. This work has been taught in undergraduate and graduate classrooms in leading institutions throughout the world.

The book covers everything from the basic fundamental principles of how molecules behave—starting with the rules governing sharing of electrons in covalent bonds—all the way to stereoelectronic control of organic reactions, interactions in biomolecule structure and reactivity, materials science, and more. It is available for purchase through Amazon and other book retailers. Get your copy and we are sure that Professor Alabugin would be happy to sign it!

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