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Dr. Naresh Dalal

Dr. Naresh Dalal

Dirac Professor

Ph.D. (1984) University of British Columbia

Contact Information
2004 CSL 850.644.3398
2700 CSL 850.644.3387
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Research Specialities
Chemistry of Materials, Solid State Chemistry
1 Graduate; 1 Postdoc

Research Interest

Our research focus lies in both the synthesis and characterization of new materials exhibiting novel or improved properties, using experimental as well as theoretical techniques.

Research goals include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • study of physical properties of very high spin clusters, with novel magnetic properties
  • development of new materials (superconductors, highly correlated electron spin systems, molecular magnets, ferroelectrics, etc.)
  • understanding of structure-property relationships using experimental measurements together with quantum alculations
  • development of novel applications or improvement of existing instrumental methods (e.g., magnetic susceptibility, specific heat, Raman spectroscopy, high field EPR probe design, NMR methods)

Our overall approach is to undertake cradle-to-grave projects which begin with the synthesis of novel compounds and their applications, including:

  • developing materials with novel electronic and physical properties using single crystals
  • measuring physical properties of lattice (i.e., NMR, magnetism, heat capacity, dielectric constant, spectroscopy, etc.)
  • interpreting results in theoretical/applied terms

Many of the properties of interest are electromagnetic in character. Important properties include:

  • quantum magnets
  • electric (ferroelectricity, resistance, conductivity, etc.)
  • quantum computation
  • magnetic transitions (paramagnetism, magnetic susceptibility, magnetic moment, etc.)
  • thermodynamic (heat capacities, transport effects, entropy changes, etc., under high magnetic fields)

Many types of instrumental methods are employed to measure properties of interest and to explore the underlying microscopic mechanisms. Sometimes the use of a certain method requires modification of the existing apparatus or even the development of a new one. For instance we are in the final stages of developing a 3.3 tesla EPR probe for our quantum design PPMS. In addition to these in-house instruments, collaboration with NHMFL allows for the use of high field instruments for ENDOR, DOR, MAS, MQMAS, STM, EPR, and AFM.



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