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Christopher J Evoniuk
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Christopher J Evoniuk

I was born and raised in Portland,Oregon. I obtained my bachelors degree in chemistry from the University of Oregon under the advisement of Dr. Darren W. Johnson and Dr. Michael Haley. The focus of my undergraduate research was the study of anion recognition through the design of molecular receptors. The main goal of the research was to better understand the key interactions present for host:guest interactions and to design receptors that would be selective in their binding while maintaining sufficient anion binding affinities. I am currently working on my PhD at Florida State University under the advisement of Dr. Igor V. Alabugin. The focus of my research is the design of new reactions to afford conjugated molecules with intriguing electronic and molecular properties.

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CSL 5806
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Dr. Igor Alabugin
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Dr. Igor Alabugin
Cottrell Family Professor


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