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Dr. James H Frederich

Dr. James H Frederich

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (2011) University of California, Irvine

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CSL 5009 850.645.0989
CSL 5401 850.645.0988
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Research Specialities
Chemical Biology, Synthesis and Catalysis
1 Graduate

Research Interest

Natural products and their synthetic derivatives have historically provided a rich source of pharmaceutical drug leads. Inspired by the application(s) of secondary metabolites in human disease, research in the Frederich laboratory focuses on developing new strategies and methods to prepare architecturally complex molecules that exhibit important biological activity in living systems. A critical aspect of this endeavor involves designing new reactions that build molecular complexity, thereby allowing us to approach challenging structures in a practical way. Access to targeted natural products and designed synthetic variants will open exciting avenues to explore their pharmacology. At this stage, exercises in molecular biology, biophysics and medicinal chemistry will become part of interdisciplinary research aimed at translating new discoveries in complex molecule synthesis to potentially new therapy for human disease.


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