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Dr. Oliver Steinbock

Dr. Oliver Steinbock

Cottrell Professor

Ph.D. (1993) Georg-August University Gottingen and the Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Physiology (Germany)

Contact Information
3001 CSL 850.644.4824
3802 CSL 850.645.4638
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Research Specialities
Chemistry of Materials, Computational Chemistry and Biochemistry, Spectroscopy and Dynamics, Supramolecular Chemistry
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Research Interest

Our research explores how molecular processes and transport cause pattern formation at the meso- and macroscale. This chemical self-organization is of critical importance in biology but widely unexplored in chemistry and materials science. Specific research thrusts include the study of hierarchically ordered materials, materials synthesis far from the thermodynamic equilibrium, pattern formation in excitable reaction-diffusion systems, and prebiotic chemistry. Please visit our Research Website for more information.


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