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Standard Departmental forms and mechanisms are employed to evaluate the performance of TAs. Both evaluations by students being taught and faculty supervisory evaluations are carried out during each semester. Unsatisfactory performance typically involves absence from assigned work periods, late performance of assigned work duties, or unsatisfactory interactions with undergraduate students being taught. In general practice, if TA performance is unsatisfactory during the semester, faculty supervisors in conjunction with the department will proceed through the following steps:

  1. Verbally inform the TA of the nature of the dissatisfaction and of a reasonable manner in which they may resolve the problem;

  2. Repeat the complaint to the TA in writing with copies to the appropriate departmental personnel;

  3. If performance is particularly and chronically unsatisfactory in the opinion of the faculty supervisor, a meeting between the TA, faculty advisor and department representative will be arranged.

  4. Continued failure to comply with department demands will result in a partial or full “docking” of TA salary.

  5. As a last resort, the department reserves the right to decline to offer TA assistance to a poorly performing individual, consistent with the department's aim to offer the highest possible levels of teaching quality.

Any student denied TA reappointment for poor performance would be informed of this before the end of the semester during which the evaluation was carried out. In practice, it has been rare for performance to be so bad as to cause TA reappointment to be declined.