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A graduate recitation teaching assistant (TA) in chemistry is responsible for the development of supporting lectures for a specific chemistry course.  TA's are generally expected to attend all class sessions, and any other meetings scheduled by the course instructor. The TA is required to be familiar with all concepts and calculations involved in a class prior to the recitation class. TA's are also responsible for grading any quizzes, homework or exams assigned by the instructor. The TA is required to maintain an accurate grade and attendance record.

Job Responsibilities  Description
Teaching Contact Hours 3 Recitation Sections 1
hour each; 3 class lectures 1 hour each.
Help Room Contact Hours Tutoring-style office hours.
Lecture Preparation*   Background must be read and lectures developed.
Staff Meetings   Discussion of class material at the Instructor’s discretion.
Grading Grading for 3 sections: Generally** involves but is not limited to 60-90 quizzes and 60-90 homework assignments per week. As well as periodic exams. Data entry of grades.

*It should be noted that for upper level courses the hours of preparation required generally increases.

**Numbers given for student enrollments are generalized and may vary slightly depending on the type of course.

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