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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Florida State University.  As a new employee of the department, we felt it appropriate to provide you with a compilation of the rules, rights and responsibilities you face with respect to your new job.  This handbook has been designed to answer the basic questions you may have regarding what your job(s) may entail, how to request leave time, how to deal with problem students and a host of other topics that you may face as a teaching assistant in the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.
    As you read this handbook, please keep in mind that although you are still considered a student by the University, you are also considered a professional employee of this department.  The position of teaching assistant at a major University is an important degreed position and should be treated as such.  Whenever you make decisions regarding your preparation, presentation and overall attitude toward your teaching assignment, please remember that you are not just a student, but a professional instructor as well.

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