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While you are here on campus, Dr. Gilmer would like to encourage you to make a GEOSET presentation for 10 minutes on your research or on some aspect of our AAFAWCE grant. Penny webcast her AAFAWCE presentation on our ADVANCE-PAID grant, which you can view here.

You may be prompted to download the Silverlight plug-in to your browser in order to see and hear this two-screen format. Penny’s talk is about 11 minutes in length. You may do one similar for your own university people to see. Please visit the main GEOSET site at this link.

Victoria Lopez is our GEOSET team member who came to our Tampa meeting (she's an FSU engineering major and the one with the yellow shirt standing in the front of our photo, taken in Tampa), and she will be available for the taping. Please contact her at vml09 [at] For instance, if you come the night before, you could do your taping early in the morning or after our workshop on the 9th.

The GEOSET Web site is in our grant as a form of dissemination. Please look again at it again here. Additionally, we may also webcast the entire 2.5 hr workshop on GEOSET.