Our workshop will start at 10 AM on Friday April 9th 2010, to allow those flying or driving to arrive on that day. We will finish at 3:30 PM, which will allow attendees to return home later that day, if desired.However, hotel reservations can be made at Aloft (see the link to Hotel Reservations under Facilities Information in the page menu). The workshop will be held in the elegant conference room in our new Chemical Science Laboratory (CSL) #1005.

For our workshop, the University of Michigan STRIDE group will be coming to Tallahassee to demonstrate their workshop in order to prepare us for this component of our grant. You can visit their webpage to learn more about the University of Michigan's ADVANCE program.

Two STRIDE team members, Drs. Pamela Raymond (Professor and Chair of Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology) and Katherine Spindler (Professor, Microbiology and Immunology) will be presenting the workshop. Our contact person at University of Michigan is Cynthia A. Hudgins, Senior Program Administrator at hudgins [at] umich.edu.

Attending this workshop should be at least two people from each university plus either the PI or co-PI of AAFAWCE from each campus. The two people could be a chemist and an engineer, and/or someone from Human Resources. Therefore, we expect at least three people in attendance from each campus, with probably more from FAMU and FSU, since we are all here in Tallahassee. Penny Gilmer (email her gilmer [at] fsu.edu) needs your list of attendees as soon as possible. On our Blackboard Web site Gilmer is keeping a list of attendees in the file, Documents, and under Workshops.

If someone cannot attend and wants to be present for part of it, we do have a polycom connection in the room. It also has a built-in computer with Internet access plus an installed LCD projector.

A schedule for the workshop is posted on the Workshop Schedule page and a PDF version is also available there for download.