CHM 1020--Chemistry for Liberal Studies--Fall 2000

Course Related Web Page Links. Links will be added to this page periodically during the term, with the most recent additions appearing first. Check back occassionally to see what is new!

Other Textbook Companion Web Sites

Hill and Kolb, 9th Ed.
Finally, the web site for your textbook is up.
Corwin's "Introductory Chemistry" 3rd. Ed.
This is a "preparatory" course as a slow introduction for students wanting to continue in chemistry. Much of the material should be on the level you could understand. Pick a chapter that you are interested in learning more about, and from there you have access to some practice quizzes and web links.
Brown, Lemay and Bursten, "General Chemistry", 7th Ed.
This is a much more advanced book, the one we previously used in our regular course. Still there may be some value in reading another explanation of some points, and there is a more extensive collection of on-line quizzes (though more advanced) and web resources. This is only for the more adventuresome among you.
Hill, Baum and Scott-Ennis, "Chemistry of Life", 6th Ed.
This text covers introductory general chemistry, some organic chemistry, and biochemistry all in one text. The introductory chapters are probably more on your level than the Brown, Lemay and Bursten text.

Chapter 7 Links

Hydrocarbon Structures

Chapter 6 Links

*Drill on mole, volume and molarity calculations
*Drill on mass, volume and molarity calculations
*Drill on balancing chemical reactions
*Drill on mass and mole interconversion
*Drill on mass relationships in chemical equations
*Drill on Boyle's Law
*Drill on Charles' Law
*Drill on Ideal Gas Law
Toricelli's Barometer
Robert Boyle's original data

Chapter 5 Links

Molecular Geometry
Electronegativity of the Elements

Chapter 3 Links

Properties of wave motion
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Exploring the Electromagnetic Spectrum (an interactive web site)
*Drill on interconverting wavelength, frequency and energy
Atomic orbitals
Computer simulation (from MIT website)
JPEG images (by Yue-Ling Wong)
*Drill on electronic structure of atoms and ions

Chapter 1 Links

*Drill on counting significant figures
*Drill on predicting exponents in calculations(works with Netscape only)
*Drill on expressing in scientific notation
*Drill on Metric--English estimation
Periodic Tables
Celsius-Fahrenheit plot
Powers of Ten

*(Some of the "Drill" web pages were developed by by Professor George Wiger at Caifornia State University, Dominguez Hills.)

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