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CHM 1020--Chemistry for Liberal Studies--Spring 1999

Interactive Drill Problems

The following links point to pages where you can practice certain calculations in chemistry.  They were developed by Professor George Wiger at Caifornia State University,  Dominguez Hills.

  • Drill on counting significant figures
  • Drill on predicting exponents in calculations (works with Netscape only)
  • Drill on expressing in scientific notation
  • Drill on interconverting wavelength, frequency, and energy
  • Drill on relative masses from chemical formulas
  • Interconversion of mass and moles of elements
  • Interconversion of mass, moles, and gram formula (molecular) weights
  • Drill on using bond energies to calculate energy change in chemical reactions
  • Relating Molarity, Moles and Volume
  • Relating Molarity, Mass and Volume  (a little more complicated)
  • Interconverting [H+], [OH-], pH and pOH
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