CHM 1045--General Chemistry I--Fall 2001

Following are links to some other general chemistry course websites. Check these out when you have time and if you are interested in getting another perspective on a topic.

Hill and Petrucci Textbook Companion Web Site
This site has information organized by chapter, including chapter objectives, sample quizzes, and some web sites related to the material in the chapter. You may find it useful to review the objectives and other material before we cover that chapter in class.
CHM 1045-- Dr. Blaber
This site contains an extensive set of notes, homework problems, and sample quizzes and tests from Dr. Blaber's Fall 2000 course.
CHM 1045--Dr. Gelb
This is the web site for Dr. Gelb's section this term.
CHM 1045--Dr.'s Allen and Stiegman
This is the web site for their course taught in Spring 2001.


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