CHM 1045--General Chemistry I--Fall 2001

Following are some web links associated with the topics of each chapter. These will be posted in reversed order as the course proceeds, and links visited during lecture will be posted here.

Chapter 10

VSEPR model for predicting molecular geometry
Note:  These pages require you to have the Chemscape Chime plug-in for your browser.  It is best used with Netscape 4.x browsers.
Acetic acid 3D structure
Hybrid orbitals (Computer simulation from MIT website)

Chapter 9

Chemical Bonding (A ChemTeam High School Tutorial)

Chapter 8

Electronic structure of atoms and ions(Drill problems by George Wiger)

Chapter 7

Thomson's Cathode Ray Experiment
Description (Chem Team tutorial)
Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment
Description (Chem Team tutorial)
Rutherford Scattering Experiment
Description (Chem Team tutorial)
Applet simulation (Molecular Expressions, FSU)
Properties of wave motion
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Exploring the Electromagnetic Spectrum (an interactive web site)
Interconverting wavelength, frequency and energy (Drill problems by George Wiger)
Calculating with the Rydberg equation (Drill problems by George Wiger)
Calculations with the de Broglie equation (Drill problems by George Wiger)
Black body radiation (Applet by W. Christian, Davidson College)
Atomic orbitals (Computer simulation from MIT website)

Chapter 6

Thermite Reaction
Explanation and movie demo from Purdue Univ.
Explanation and movie demo's from The Catalyst, by Michael Geyer
Heat Transfer Calculations (Drill problems from George Wiger)
Hess's Law (Drill problems from George Wiger)
Heats of Formation (Drill problems from George Wiger requires Netscape)

Chapter 5

Molecules in Motion (Java Applet demonstration from Berkeley)
Toricelli's Barometer
Robert Boyle's original data for Boyle's Law
Interactive Drill on Gas Laws (From George Wiger, CSUDH)
High School Chemistry Tutorial on Gas Laws (From The Chem Team)
The Nature of Gases Tutorial (From James Plambeck, U. of Alberta, Ca.)

Chapter 4

Identifying Acids and Bases (From George Wiger, CSUDH)
Oxidation Reduction Equations
Tutorial (From Dr. Angela King, Wake Forest University)
High School Chemistry Tutorial (From The Chem Team)
Interactive Drill on Balancing (From George Wiger, CSUDH)
Hints on Use of a Buret (From Oliver Seeley, CSUDH)

Chapter 3

Formulas, Formula Weights, Composition, Moles
Interactive Drill Problems (From George Wiger, CSUDH)
Combustion Analysis (From George Wiger, CSUDH)
Balancing Equations, Reaction Stoichiometry, Limiting Reagents
Intereactive Drill Problems (From George Wiger, CSUDH requires Netscape!)
Molar Concentration
Interactive Drill Problems (From George Wiger, CSUDH)

Chapter 2

Chem Team Rules and Drills
Interactive Drill (From George Wiger, CSUDH)
Electronic Flashcards (From R. Light, FSU. Naming and formula weight calculations)

Chapter 1

Significant figures
Chem Team Tutorial (Geared to High School Chemistry)
Math Skills Review (From Texas A&M)
Practice Problems (From George Wiger, CSUDH)
Note the first two pages make an issue about rounding a 5 of to the nearest even number. That only applies to the rare situation when it is 5 exactly, so a number like 2.3654 would be rounded to 2.37 to 3 significant figures.
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