CHM 1045--General Chemistry I--Fall 2002

Links to CHM 1045, Sections 15-20 (Dr. Light's 12:20 p.m. Lecture)

Blackboard Interface

If you are enrolled in the course, click on, log in with your garnet or mailer account and password, and your Blackboard page will automatically have links to the course. The login page has links to information about Blackboard.

If you are not enrolled but want to visit the site, log in as guest with the password guest. You then need to click on the "Courses" tab, and browse the Course Catalog to Arts and Sciences--Chemistry. Pick GEN CHEMISTRY I (CHM1045.fa02 - Web Cohort1), Instructor: Dr. Robley Light, from the list. Some parts of the site will be off limits to you.

Alternate Interface

Some of the course links are available through the CHM 1045 Alternate Links page.

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