Tables of acceptable form of units. Only the symbol form may be used.
Table 1
Base Unit
Name symbol comment
meter m length
kilogram kg mass
second s time
ampere A electric current
kelvin K thermodynamic temperature
mole mol amount of substance
candela cd luminous intensity

Table 2
Prefix symbol factor
yotta Y 1024
zetta Z 1021
exa E 1018
peta P 1015
tera T 1012
giga G 109
mega M 106
kilo k 103
hecto h 102
deci d 10-1
centi c 10-2
milli m 10-3
micro u 10-6
nano n 10-9
pico p 10-12
femto f 10-15
atto a 10-18
zepto z 10-21
yocto y 10-24

Table 3
Derived Unit
name symbol unit comment
gram g 0.001 kg mass
hour hr 3600. s time
minute min 60 s time
year yr 3.15E7 s time
pound lb 0.45359237 kg mass
ounce oz 1.77185E-3 kg mass
inch in 2.54 cm length
foot ft 12 in length
mile mi 5280 ft length
yard yd 0.9144 m length
nautical_mile n_mi 6080 ft length, nautical mile (UK)
astroUnit AU 1.49598E11 m length, mean earth to sun distance
acre acre 4840 yd^2 area, acre
hertz Hz 1/s frequency
litre L 10^3 cm^3 volume
newton N m*kg/s^2 force
pound_force lbf 4.44822 N force
dyne dyn 1E-5 N force
pascal Pa N/m^2 pressure, stress
bar bar 1E5 Pa pressure
mmHg mmHg 1.33322E2 Pa pressure, millimeter of mercury
torr torr 1 mmHg pressure
atmosphere atm 760 torr pressure, standard atmosphere
joule J N*m energy, work, heat
electronvolt eV 1.6021892E-19 J energy
calorie cal 4.1868 J energy
Btu Btu 1.05506E3 J energy
watt W J/s power, radiant flux
coulomb C A*s electric charge
volt V J/C electric potential, electromotive force
ohm ohm V/A electric resistance
siemens S A/V electric conductance
farad F C/V electric capacitance
tesla T V s/m^2 magnetic flux density
weber Wb V*s magnetic flux
henry H V*s/A inductance
radian rad m /m plane angle
degree deg 1.745329E-2 rad plane angle (Pi rad=180 deg)
steradian sr m^2 /m^2 solid angle
lumen lm cd*sr luminous flux
lux lx cd*sr/m^2 illuminance
becquerel Bq 1/s activity (radioactive)
curie Ci 3.70E10 Bq activity (in Curie)
gray Gy J/kg absorbed dose (of radiation)
sievert Sv J/kg dose equivalent (dose equivalent index)
barn barn 1E-28 m^2 scattering cross-sectional area
astroUnit AU 1.49598E11 m mean distance earth to sun
celsius degC 1 K multiplicatively OK, only for delta temperatures
farenheit degF 0.5555555555 K multiplicatively OK, only for delta temperatures