Human DNA facts

DNA Facts:
  • If a chromosome was stretched straight it
    would be 1.7 to 8.5 cm in length.
  • If the diameter of the DNA (2 nanometers) was
    as wide as a fishing line (0.5 millimeters) it might
    stretch as far as 21.2 km (or 13.6 miles) in length
    which would all have to be packed into a nucleus sack
    the equivalent of 25 cm in diameter.
    That is some packaging!
  • The human genome is contained in 23 pairs
    of chromosomes.
  • The DNA within the human genome makes up 60,000
    to 100,000 genes.
  • Human chromosomes vary in size from 50 million
    to 250 million base pairs (or rungs on the double helix ladder).