BCH 4053--General Biochemistry I--Summer 2001

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Chapter 19
Glycolytic Enzymes 
     ("Chime Square" graphic resources by Eric C. Niederhoffer, Southern Illinois University)
Glycolytic Intermediates
      (Chime images of intermediates by William McClure, Carnegie Mellon University)
Step by Step Glycolysis  
      (Individual reactions, reaction data, and animations by Jon Maber, University of Leeds)
KEGG Glycolytic Pathway
      (Metabolic Map with links to detailed enzyme information.
      KEGG is Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes.)
Boehringer Mannheim Metabolic Charts
       (Enter "glycolysis" in the keyword search blank) 
Chapter 18
Metabolic Maps
From the Kyoto Encyclopedia of  Genes and Genomes.  Choose a pathway from the list, then there is a drop-down menu from which to choose an organism, and the pathway for that organism is displayed.  Enzymes are indicated by their IUPAC numbers, and clicking on an enzyme number connects to a page with extensive information about the enzyme and links to protein databases.  For more information, consult the instructions page for use of this information.
Boehringer Mannheim Pathways. Enter a compound name to retrieve links to pathways involving the compound.
Other Metabolic Map links.
Chapter 15
Oxygen Binding Proteins Tutorial (By Frieda Reichsman)
Hemoglobin Tutorial (By Eric Martz)
Myoglobin structure
Deoxyhemoglobin structure (with BPG bound)
Oxyhemoglobin structure
Oxy- and Deoxy- hemoglobins side by side
Chapter 14
Enzyme Nomenclature (Enzyme Commission Classification)
Chapter 12
DNA History--Search for the genetic material
DNA Double Helix ( Chime tutorial by Eric Martz, U. Mass. Click on items 3 to 6.   Use Netscape 4.x. Doesn't work well with Internet Explorer or Netscape 6..)
A, B, and Z DNA (by David Marcey, California Lutheran University. Better with Netscape 4.x)
tRNA structure (by Jim Nolan, Tulane University)
Chapter 11
Nucleoside conformations (Better with Netscape 4.x)
Chapter 9
Some bilayer structures (from molecular dynamics simulations by Helmut Heller)
Palmitoyl-Oleyl Phosphatidyl Choline:
crystalline phase
gel phase
fluid phase
Chime presentation of lipid bilayer and gramicidin channel (by Angel Herráez of the University of Alcalá, Spain)
Chapter 8
Lipid Structures
Chapter 7
Sugar structures
Monosaccharide Browser (by Jon Maber, University of Leeds)
Chapter 6
Kinemage program (Follow instructions to download Mage)
    There are also pointers to tutorials and many kinemage programs on protein structure.
Phi, Psi angles with a kinemage program (With Netscape, press shift key before clicking, then save file. With IE, right click on link, and save file. Change name to C1Basics.kin, and open file with Mage program).
Tutorial on protein secondary structure (from Carnegie Mellon University.  Requires the Chime plugin.
Alpha helix and beta sheet tutorials (written by Frieda Reichsman)
Tutorial on protein architecture (written by Frieda Reichsman and Timothy Driscoll for Lehninger, Nelson and Cox, 3rd. Edition)
Unraveling the Mystery of Protein Folding (an article describing developments in the folding area, including some diseases associated with problems in folding.)
Protein Structure Tutorial (by Frank Gorga, Bridgewater State College)
Chapter 5
Protein purification strategy (a java-based virtual laboratory)
Protein sequencing strategy
Gen Bank
Protein Information Resource
Swiss Protein Database
Chapter 4
R,S configuration review
Amino Acid Structures
Amino Acid Identification Quiz
Amino Acid Structure Quiz
Amino Acid Titration Animations (by E. K. O'Neil and C. M. Grisham , UVa.)
Chapter 3
Chemical Thermodynamics (A thorough discussion of chemical thermodynamics concepts by James Plambeck, University of Alberta)
Chapter 2
ice structure (You will need the Chime plug in to view this structure)
pH calculation drill
Textbook website discussion of pH
Textbook website discussion of buffers
Garrett and Grisham TextbookWeb Site
Garrett and Grisham UVa Web Site
( Lecture Slides by chapter from UVa course)
Organic Review
Virtual Textbook (by William Reusch, Michigan State University)
CHM 2210 Reaction Summaries (by Martin Schwartz, Florida State University)
CHM 2211 Reaction Summaries (by Martin Schwartz, Florida State University)
Other organic Resources (compiled by Martin Schwartz, Florida State University)
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