BCH 4054--General Biochemistry II--Fall 2000

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Chapter 32 Links
The Genetic Code
tRNA structure
Chapter 30 Links
Animations of genetic processes
Chapter 29 Links
Holliday Model--Explanation for Recombination
Holliday Junction--Strand exchange animation
Holliday Junction--RuvA and RuvB complex with DNA
Chapter 11 & 12 Links
Nucleoside conformations
DNA Double Helix (Chime tutorial by Eric Martz, U. Mass. Click on items 3 and 6)
A, B, and Z DNA (by David Marcey, Califronia Lutheran University)
DNA Supercoiling Part 1, Part 2 (Lectures by Professor Michael Blaber)
DNA History--Search for the Genetic Material
Chapter 27 Links
Nucleotide metabolism (from Net Biochem)
Nucleotide metabolism (from Michael W. King, Indiana University, Terre Haute Center for Medical Education)
Chapter 26 Links
Urea Cycle: 2D | 3D
Chapter 25 Links
Cholesterol Biosynthesis
Chapter 24 Links
Fatty Acid Tutorial (NetBiochem Tutorial by James Baggot and Sharon Dennis)
Propionyl-CoA Degradation: 2D | 3D
Chapter 23 Links
Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency
Pentose Phosphate Pathway: 2 D | 3 D
Glycogen Synthesis and Galactose Pathway: 2 D | 3 D
Chapter 22 Links
Photosynthesis Problem Set 1
Photosynthesis Problem Set 2 (both from The Biology Project, University of Arizona)
Discovering Photosynthesis (Links provided by a florist. Contains some advertisements)
Metabolic Maps
From the Kyoto Encyclopedia of  Genes and Genomes.  Choose a pathway from the list, then there is a drop-down menu from which to choose an organism, and the pathway for that organism is displayed.  Enzymes are indicated by their IUPAC numbers, and clicking on an enzyme number connects to a page with extensive information about the enzyme and links to protein databases.  For more information, consult the instructions page for use of this information.
Boehringer Mannheim Pathways. Enter a compound name to retrieve links to pathways involving the compound.
Other Metabolic Map links.
Garrett and Grisham TextbookWeb Site
Garrett and Grisham UVa Web Site
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