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BCH 4054--General Biochemistry II--Fall 1998


Course Related Web Sites


  • Metabolic Maps
  • From the Kyoto Encyclopedia of  Genes and Genomes.  Choose a pathway from the list, then there is a drop-down menu from which to choose an organism, and the pathway for that organism is displayed.  Enzymes are indicated by their IUPAC numbers, and clicking on an enzyme number connects to a page with extensive information about the enzyme and links to protein databases.  For more information, consult the instructions page for use of this information.
  • Other Metabolic Map links.
  • DNA Structure ( requires Chemscape ChimeTM)
  • Elements of the Double Helix (for B-DNA)
  • Side-by-side view of B-DNA and A-RNA
  • Other DNA structures (A-DNA, Z-DNA, triplex DNA, etc.)
  • DNA Supercoiling Lecture 1, Lecture 2 (from Dr. Blaber's BCH 5425 Course)
  • Translation of Sequence Information
  • Convert nucleotide sequence to protein sequence
  • Convert protein sequence to c DNA nucleotide sequence
  • Convert protein sequence to genomic DNA sequence
  • Other Biochemistry Class Pages
  • FSU's Structural Biology Program list of Internet Resources
  • From Tom Gardner's "Experimenting With the Internet"
  • Other Chemistry Related Sites

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