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BCH 4054--General Biochemistry II--Fall 1999

Extra Credit Problem

This extra credit problem is an exercise developed by Dr. Charles Sackerson , Department of Biology, Iona College.  It gives you an introduction to web resources for comparing gene sequences, matching gene sequences with protein sequences, and visualizing proteins in three-dimensions.

This problem is optional.  You can earn up to 30 additional points to add to your overall class average (equivalent of boosting your average on a 100 point scale by 4.5 points), depending on how complete your report is.  Your report will consist of the following pages (details are given at the URL below):

  1. Cover Page--your name and the sequence being searched
  2. First two pages of your Blastn search (genes)
  3. First two pages of your Blastx search (proteins)
  4. Abstract of most recent article on disease of the protein
  5. Printout of page showing chime structure of protein

This problem is to be completed by each student individually.  (I decided against making it a group activity in that everyone should go through the total exercise).  You may help each other, but you must obtain the pages for the report yourself and not rely on copying another students pages.


The problem is given at the URL:


Report is due on Friday, December 3

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