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1811 Atlantis Place
Tallahassee, FL 32303
(850) 523-7899
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4390
(850) 644-3844
home page:
November 8, 1935,
Roanoke, Virginia
Jeanne K. Light, 1960
George Evans Light, Born 1964


William Fleming High School
Roanoke, Virginia, 1948-53
   (Salutatorian; varsity letter in wrestling)
Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Blacksburg, Virginia, 1953-57
B.S. in Chemistry, with honors, 1957
   (graduated first in class of 710;
   undergraduate thesis: advisor Frank Vingiello;
   corps of cadets; regimental staff;
   varsity letter in wrestling)
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina, 1957-60
Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, 1961
   (advisor: Charles R. Hauser
   minor: Biochemistry)
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1960-62
Postdoctoral Research
   (advisor: Konrad Bloch)



General Foods Company, Hoboken, New Jersey, summer 1954
DuPont Company, Belle, West Virginia, summer 1955
Union Carbide, South Charleston, West Virginia, summer 1956
DuPont Company, Wilmington, Delaware, summer 1957
Department of Chemistry, Florida State University
Instructor (1962-1963)
Assistant Professor (1963-1967)
Associate Professor (1967-1972)
Professor (1972-2003)
Professor Emeritus (2003-present)
Adjunct Professor 2004
Liaison, New Building Planning, 2003-2004
College of Medicine, Florida State University
Courtesy Appointment (2002-2004)



Associate Chairman, Department of Chemistry, Florida State University (1974-1977)
Acting Director, Program in Medical Sciences, Florida State University (1978-1979)
Courtesy Appt., Acting Dean, U. of Fla. Medical School (1978-1979)
Chairman, Department of Chemistry, Florida State University (1983-1990)
Program Director, Instrumentation and Instrument Development, DIR/BBS, National Science Foundation (1990-1991)
Member, Advisory Council, National Center for Research Resources, National Institutes of Health (1990-1991)



Honor Societies:

Phi Beta Kappa (elected at Duke University)
(FSU Chapter President: 1971-72, 1993-94)
Phi Kappa Phi (elected at Virginia Tech)
(FSU Chapter President: 1994-95)
Omicron Delta Kappa (elected at Virginia Tech)
Phi Lambda Upsilon (elected at Virginia Tech)
Sigma Xi (elected at Duke University)



Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship, 1957-1958
NSF Predoctoral Fellowship, 1958-1960
NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1960-1962


USPHS Research Career Development Award, 1967-1972
(full salary for five years)
George Miller Award for Excellence in Teaching
(University award, Florida State University, 1967)
Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung, U.S. Senior Scientist Award, 1977



Research Interests:

Biosynthesis and metabolism of fungal polyketides, fatty acids, and lipids.
Regulation of secondary metabolism.
Structure and function of lipids.
Flavonoid biosynthesis.

Research Leaves:

Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois, Urbana, April-June, 1967 (Laboratory of   Lowell Hager)
Department of Medical Chemistry, Royal Veterinary College, Stockholm, Sweden, July-December, 1970 (Laboratory of Bengt Samuelsson)
Biology Institute II, University of Freiburg, Freiburg., West Germany, March-October, 1977 (Laboratory of  Klaus Hahlbrock)

Professional Societies:

American Chemical Society
American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Undergraduate Thesis:

The Use of Polyphosphoric Acid and Phenyl Acid Phosphate as Cyclodehydration Agents and an Attempted Unequivocal Synthesis of 10-(2-Napthyl)-1,2-benzanthracene and 9-(1-Napthyl)-1,2-benzanthracene. Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1957. (Thesis advisor:  Frank A. Vingiello.)

Doctoral Dissertation:

Some Acylations and Aldol Type Condensations Involving Dicarbanions of Beta-Diketones. Certain Cyclizations. Duke University, 1960. (Dissertation advisor: Dr. Charles R. Hauser.)

Dissertations Directed:

James S. V. Hunter, Studies on the Biosynthesis of 8,9,13-Triacetoxydocosanoic Acid in Yeast, 1970.

Theodore W. Esders, Biosynthesis of Glycolipids in Candida bogoriensis, 1971.

Steven W. G. Fehler, Studies on the Biosynthesis of Non-Isoprenoid Alkanes in the Blue-Green Algae Anabaena variabilis, 1972.

Robert W. Bryant, Jr., Biosynthesis of the Polyketide Stipitatonic Acid, 1973.

Michael L. Bucholtz, The Metabolism of Glycolipids in the Yeast, Candida bogoriensis, 1974.

Adrian J. Cutler, The Control of Glycolipid Production in Candida bogoriensis, 1978.

Douglas L. McCullough, Protein Phospholipid Interactions: Hydrolysis of Soy Lecithin Vesicles by Venom Phospholipase A2, 1978.

Raymond F. DeGrella, The Uptake and Utilization of Fatty Acids by Dispersed Adult Rat Heart Myocytes, 1979.

Rebecca S. Goodloe, Studies on the Hydrocarbon Composition and Biosynthesis from Two Blue Green Algae, 1980.

Jeffrey W. Priest, Application of HPLC and FPLC to the Detection and Purification of Patulin Biosynthetic Enzymes from Penicillium Patulum, 1988.

Paul Kirsch, Production of a Genomic DNA Library in Lambda Phage for Penicillium patulum, and Isolation and Partial Characterization of Patulin Pathway Induction-Phase-Specific Clones from the Library. 1989.

Theses Directed:

Sharon A. Arihood, The Metabolism of 6-Methylsalicylic Acid and Patulin in Penicillium patulum, 1965.

W. C. Chiang, Lipids of Penicillium griseofulvum, 1965.

Patricia B. Ward, Fatty Acids of Three Plankton Organisms, 1966.

Aaron L. Trenary, Comparative Studies of Fatty Acid De Novo Synthesis and Elongationin Candida bogoriensis, 1982.

Jay A. Hammer, Purification and Characterization of the Glucosyltransferases of Torulopsis sp., 1983.

Delbert D. Bauzon, Partial Purification of an NADPH-Cytochrome C Reductase of Penicillium Patulum., 1995.

Timothy M. Breeden. The Initial Purification Scheme of an NADPH-Cytochrome C Reductase from Candida bombicola., 1996


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2. Light, R.J. and Hauser, C.R., Cyclization of 1,5-Diphenyl-1,3,5-pentanetrione with Ethyl Oxalate. 3,5-Dibenzoyl-1,2,4-cyclopentanetrione and its Quinoxaline., J. Org. Chem., 26, 1296-1298 (1961).

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P. J. Gilmer and R. J. Light, Faculty Professional Enhancement Program at Florida State University, 11th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, Atlanta, Ga., August 1990, Abstract 033.



Federal and Other Research Grants:


NIH (Direct Costs only, sole PI on all grants)

Grant No.


Amount ($)


Metabolsm and Function of Aromatic Mold Metabolites

NIH R01-AM07536-01
NIH R01-AM07536-S1
NIH R01-AM07536-02
NIH R01-AM07536-03
NIH R01-AM07536-03S1



Lipid Protein Interactions and Lipid Micelles
NIH R01-AM08791-01
NIH R01-AM08791-02
NIH R01-AM08791-03


Lipid Metabolism, Structure and Function (Research Career Development Award)
NIH K3-AM11762
Full Salary


Hydroxy Fatty Acid Metabolism and Function



NSF (Direct and Indirect Costs, sole PI on all grants)

Grant No.


Amount ($)


Metabolism and Function of Aromatic Mold Metabolites


Secondary Metabolism in Fungi


Secondary Metabolites and Other Polyketides in Microorganisms


Secondary Metabolism and Polyketides in Plants and Microorganisms


Mechanism and Regulation of Polyketide Biosynthesis
Florida Heart Association


Fatty Acid and Lipid Metabolism in Hear Cells
(Stipend for Graduate Student, Ray Degrella)



Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung
U.S. Senior Scientist Award, supporting travel and research in Germany


DM 35,000

NSF IPA Assignment
NSF's portion of salary and fringe benefits during 15 mo. IPA assignment in Washington as Program Director





Chemistry Department Grants (PI or CoPI as Department Chairman)
Olin Corporation (support for analyses in laser and nmr labs. Grant written by Van Wart)



NSF Instrumentation Program--funds for laser instrumentation. Grant written by Hilinski



Shell Oil Co. Departmental grant for support of graduate program



Jesse Ball DuPont Fund--Support for undergraduate summer research program and a summer visiting faculty program. CoPI with Penny Gilmer, who administered the grant once funded.








Invited Seminars or Lectures outside of F.S.U. Chemistry Department:


November, 1964 - Tulane University, Biochemistry Department.

February, 1965 - University of Florida, Chemistry Department.

May, 1967 - Monmouth College, Chemistry Department.

December, 1967 - Jacksonville University, Chemistry Department.

December, 1968 - Symposium speaker, Southern Regional ACS meeting, Tallahassee, Symposium on "New Ideas for General Chemistry".

February, 1969 - University of Miami, Biochemistry Department.

September, 1969 - Symposium speaker, National ACS meeting, New York, Symposium on "Biosynthesis in Plants".

April, 1970 - University of Florida, Biochemistry Department.

September, 1970 - Royal Veterinary College, Department of Medical Chemistry, Stockholm, Sweden.

April, 1977 - Biological Institute II, University of Freiburg, Freiburg, i. Br., West Germany. Plant Biochemistry Department.

June, 1977 - Laboratory of Biochemistry, University of Bordeaux II, Talence, France.

July, 1977 - Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Martinsried, Munich, West Germany.

March, 1980 - Biological Institute II, University of Freiburg, Freiburg, i. Br., West Germany. Plant Biochemistry Department.

June, 1980 - International Symposium on Frontiers in Lipid Research, Falmouth, Mass.

October, 1980 - Westfalische Wilhelms University Munster, West Germany. Department of Plant Biochemistry and Institute of Lipid Research.

October, 1980 - Symposium on the Biochemistry of Phenolic Compounds in Higher Plants, Saig, West Germany.

June, 1981 - Annual Meeting of American Section of International Society for Heart Research; Workshop on Isolated Myocytes: Research Applications. Burlington, VT.

February, 1982 - Merck, Sharp and Dohme Research Laboratories, Rahway, N.J.

February, 1982 - New England Nuclear, Boston, Mass.

October, 1982 - Va. Polytechnic Inst., Biochemistry Department.

July, 1984 - Zagreb University, Zagreb Yugoslavia.

February, 1985 - Ponce School of Medicine, Ponce, Puerto Rico, Department of Biochemistry.

April, 1988 - Symposium speaker, Florida Section ACS meeting, Tampa, Fl.

January, 1989 - Beckman Instrument Co., Altex Division, San Ramon, CA.

September, 1993 - Department of Chemical Engineering, Florida State University

September, 1993 - Division of Basic Medical Sciences, Mercer University Medical School



Courses Taught:

General Biochemistry for Arts and Sciences Majors
(2 semester course)
General Biochemistry for Human Science Majors
(1 semester course)
General Chemistry for Science Majors
General Chemistry for Liberal Studies
Organic Chemistry for Human Science Majors
Graduate Biochemistry courses
Medical Biochemistry (selected topics)


George Miller Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1967


President's Council for Excellence in College Teaching (1990-present)
University Selection Committee, Teaching Incentive Awards (1993)
Arts and Sciences Ad Hoc Committee on Science Education (Chairman, 1983-84)
Advisory Committee, Office of Science Teaching Activity (Chairman, 1983-90)
Joint Committee on Science and Math Teaching Program (1983-84)
Rhodes Scholarship Committee (1980-82)
Fulbright Screening Committee (1986-90)


Light, R.J., A Brief Introduction to Biochemistry, W.A. Benjamin, Inc., New York, 1968, 166 pp. (also in Japanese translation).

Course Innovations:

Following my terms as Chairman of Chemistry and the rotation as a Program Officer at NSF, I have focused more attention on teaching activities. I have been experimenting with a variety of new ways to enhance the classroom experience of my students, including the use of email and internet resources, and the encouragement of group cooperative activities. These include using the homework/course management systems CAPA and LON-CAPA (Michigan State University) in general chemistry courses.

Class Web Pages

As part of the continued experimentation with new ways of communicating with students and presenting course material, I have a class web page for each course I am teaching. These pages can be accessed through an index page at:


Reviewer for numerous biochemistry and freshman chemistry textbook manuscripts.
(West, William C. Brown, John Wiley, Prentice Hall, Simon and Shuster)
FSU Delegate to 37th Triennial Council, Phi Beta Kappa, 1994
Speaker, FSU Phi Kappa Phi Initiation, April 1994
Speaker, FSU Darwin Lecture Series, September, 1982
Danforth Associates Program, mid-1960's



Associate Chairman, Department of Chemistry, 1974-77

Acting Director, Program in Medical Sciences, 1978-79

Chairman, Department of Chemistry, 1983-1990

Structural Biology Program Development, 1987-1990

Program Director, National Science Foundation, 1990-91

Faculty Senate


University Committees

Faculty Honors Committee, Division of Basic Studies and College of Arts and Sciences, 1964-68
Faculty Co-chairman, 1966 Pow Wow
Board of Student Publications, 1967-68
Academic Standards Committee, College of Arts and Sciences, 1967-68
Faculty-Student Committee on Student Publications, 1968
Faculty Advisory Committee on Basic Medical Science Program, Chairman, 1969
Intellectual Climate Committee, 1969-70
Biomedical Science Program Committee, 1970
Selection Committee, Executive Vice President, 1971
Self Study Committee on Faculty, 1971
Advisory Committee, Program in Medical Sciences, 1973-78
University Curriculum Committee, 1977-79
University of Florida Medical Advisory Committee, 1978-79
Selection Committee, Director, Program in Medical Science, Chairman, 1978
University Sabbatical Committee, 1978
F.S.U. Public Service Coordinating Council, 1978
Special Services Advisory Board, 1980-82
Rhodes Scholarship Committee, 1980-82
Arts and Sciences Ad Hoc Committee on Science Education, Chairman, 1983-84
Advisory Committee, Office of Science Teaching Activity, Chairman, 1983-90
Joint Committee on Science and Math Teaching Program, 1983-84
Committee on Biotechnology Graduate Program, 1983-84
Search Committee, Chairman of Chemical Engineering, 1984-85
Board of Regents Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Basic Research Funding, 1986
Ad Hoc Committee, Laboratory Animal Facilities Development, 1986
Fulbright Screening Committee, 1986-90
Science Area Committee, 1983-90; Chairman, 1987-88.
Science Center Planning Committee, Chairman, 1987-90
Planning Committee for Development of the University Center, 1988
Campus Development Committee, 1987-90
President's Council for Excellence in College Teaching, charter member, 1990-present
Faculty Senate Profess. Relations and Welfare Committee, 1993-96,
Co-chair, 1994-95, Chair, 1996-97
Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha of Florida Chapter
Vice President, 1969-70, 1992-93
President, 1971-72, 1993-94
Phi Kappa Phi, FSU Chapter, President, 1994-95
Doctoral Review Committee for Chemical Engineering, Chairman, 1995-96
Doctoral Review Committee for School of Information Studies, 1997-98
Faculty Senator, Chemistry Department, 1996-2002
Faculty Senate Steering Committee, 1996-2002
President, Faculty Senate, 1998-2000
Board of Trustees, FSU Foundation, 1998-2000
Board of Directors, FSU Alumni Association, 1998-2000
FSU Athletic Board, 1998-2000
NCAA Certification Self-Study Committee, 1998-99
Academic Integrity Subcommittee
Campus Development Committee, 1998-2001
Search Committee, Assistant Vice President for Technology Integration, 1998
Advisory Committee, Employee Assistance Program, 1998-99
Auxiliary Services Board, 1998-2000
Campus Networking Committee, Chairman, 2002-2003
Area, College, and University Promotion and Tenure Committees, 2002-2003

Departmental Committees (1991-2003only)

Departmental Self Study Committee for SACS Review, Chairman, 1993
Capital Equipment Committee, 1991-93, Chairman, 1992-93
Graduate Recruiting and Admissions Committee, 1991-93
Graduate Curriculum and Advisory Committee, 1991-92, Chairman, 1995-2003
Undergraduate Curriculum and Advisory Committee, 1991-93
Computer Development Committee, 1991-93
Space and Staff Resources Committee, 1991-93
General Chemistry Committee, 1993-2003, Chairman, 2000-2003
NMR Committee, Chairman, 1991-93
Bioanalytical (BASS) Lab Committee, 1991-94, Chairman, 1993-94, 1994-95
Executive Committee, 1992-2003
Safety Committee, 1993-94, 1994-95
Structural Biology Liaison Committee for Faculty Additions, 1991-93
Taxol Royalty Committee, 1998-2000
New Chemistry Building Planning Committee, 2000-2003