Mass Spec. Lab

Mass Spec. Lab Facility Details

  • Phone: 644-1697
  • Location: 10 DLC, 116 CSL, 1011A CSL


Low or high resolution measurements using any of the following techniques:

  • EI (Solids probe or GC)
  • nCI or pCI (Solids probe or GC)
  • pFAB or nFAB
  • pESI or nESI (LC)

GC isotope-ratio mass spectrometry.

Ultrahigh-resolution mass analyses by high-field FT-ICR mass spectrometry at the ICR Facility of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.


  • JEOL TheMSroute JMS-600H with Agilent 6890 Series GC System
  • JEOL AccuTOF LC/MS System
  • Bruker AutoFlex (MALDI-TOF)
  • Agilent GC/MS
  • Finnigan Delta S isotope ratio GC/MS
  • High-field FT-ICR instruments at the NHMFL described on Dr. Alan Marshall's research page.


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