Machine Shop

Machine Shop Facility Details

  • Phone: 850.644.3215
  • Location: 009 Dittmer Bldg.



The machine shop has most standard equipment such as lathes, milling machines, drill presses, welders (inert gas, acetylene and electric), presses and band saws. The staff are experts in translating a general description into a hand or CAD drawing and then a fully functioning device.


Example Products

A motorized platform used to control the growth of inorganic macroscopic tubes. The process involves attaching a growing tube to a robotic arm that moves upward at a constant predetermined speed. 


A heavy duty 13x13 mm hole punch. This is used to punch square holes of a thermoplastic used in the assembly of dye-sensitized solar cells. 


A robotic platform immerses substrates into polymer solutions. Each immersion deposits an ultrathin film a few nanometers thick. The resulting "multilayers" are used for research in biological cell adhesion.


This reaction vessel is used for high temperature and high pressure crystal growth in supercritical water. This autoclave is made out of Rene 41, a nickel-based high temperature alloy that is particularly challenging to machine. 



There is no charge for labor; however, materials are billed cost plus 15%.