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International Students

Admissions requirements

  1. V150/Q155 on the GRE
  2. 80/120 on the IB-TOEFL, or 7.0 on the IELTS
  3. Deadline for application: December 15th

Application process:

You will need to prepare the following items as a text, Word, or PDF file to be uploaded as Supporting Documents for your online application:

  1. Complete the online application at the FSU Office of Admissions Online Application System.
    1. Document 1 - Program and faculty of interest: Please rank the following programs in order of your preference: Analytical, Biochemistry, Inorganic, Materials, Organic, and Physical. Only rank the programs in which you are interested. Also please list in rank order, those faculty with whom you would be interested in working.
    2. Document 2 – Statement of purpose: Provide a 1-3 page statement of your goals and purpose in pursuing a graduate degree in chemistry. Include a discussion of your research experience and interests.
    3. Document 3 – Résumé: In your résumé, provide information about any honors and awards you have received, teaching experience, research experience (within a lab setting, performing honors research or directed individual studies, etc), scientific publications and presentations, relevant work experience, and any special skills you may have (e.g. computer programming, etc.).
    4. Document 4 – Unofficial transcript.
    5. Document 5 – Unofficial test scores: Please provide IB-TOEFL scores and GRE scores.
    6. Letters of recommendation: Be ready to provide the names and contact information for a minimum of three individuals who will write your letters.
  2. Send:
    1. One official transcripts from each college or university that you have attended.
    2. Official GRE scores (Subject area exam scores are NOT required).
    3. Official IB-TOEFL scores

Florida State University
Office of Admissions
282 Champions Way
P. O. Box 3062400
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2400



What is the application deadline?
Applications submitted by December 15th are guaranteed review. Applications submitted after this deadline but before the closing date of February 1st will be reviewed based upon availability of space.

Will you pre-review my application?
No, the entire application must be completed with all official documents before a review is made.

Which applications am I required to submit?
One application form must be completed, which is a two step process. Step one: complete the FSU on-line application. Step two: send official transcript, official GRE scores, and official IB-TOEFL scores to:

Florida State University
Office of Admissions
282 Champions Way
P. O. Box 3062400
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2400

What is FSU code in the ETS system for sending TOEFL scores?
The ETS code for our university is 5219.

Is there an application fee?
Yes, there is a $30.00 application fee.

Should I send a packet of all my application materials to the Chemistry department?
No. All applications must be submitted electronically via the FSU on-line application. Packets received by the department will slow down the processing of your application.

Do you accept other tests for English?
Yes, IB-TOEFL ond IELTS tests are acceptable.

Is there a minimum speaking component of my IB-TOEFL?
Yes, a minimum score of 21 is required on the speaking part of iB-TOEFL.

Can I be admitted without Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores?
We must have official scores to formally admit you into the program.

How do I send my Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores?
Official scores from the General Test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) must be sent by Educational Testing Services to Florida State University, Code 5219.

Is the GRE Subject Test in Chemistry required?
The GRE Subject Test is not required.

Can I be admitted without official transcripts?
We must have all official post-secondary education transcripts to formally admit you into the program.

Where do I send my transcripts?
Official transcripts for all post-secondary education must be sent to:

Florida State University
Office of Admissions
282 Champions Way
P. O. Box 3062400
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2400

Are letters of recommendation required?
Three letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with your ability to conduct research and/or be successful in a graduate program are required. One letter should come from your research supervisor if you have conducted research.

Is a personal statement required?
A 1-3 page personal statement expressing your reason for pursuing advanced studies in chemistry is required. You may also want to add information about how you learned of our program, or if there are specific special programs or training grants involving chemistry faculty that attracted you.

Do you accept MS-track students?
Yes, under certain circumstances, students can be admitted into the MS-track.

What are the curriculum requirements for Ph.D.?
The graduate curriculum can be found here.

My question is not listed. How do I contact the Graduate Program Office?
Questions regarding the Graduate programs offered by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry should be directed to the Chemistry and Biochemistry Student Affairs Office. You may send an email to or telephone toll-free within the US at 1-888-525-9286. The Student Affairs Office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Questions regarding fee payment, whether or not official transcripts and test scores have been received and residency classification should be directed to The FSU Office of Admissions. You may send an email to or telephone 850.644.3420. The fax number for Admissions is 850.644.0197.