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NanoFlorida 2015 - The 8th Annual
Nanoscience Technology Symposium

(May 12-15)

Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL


Metal, metal oxide and semiconductor nanomaterials exhibit unique size- and composition-dependent physical and chemical properties. Accordingly, this field has generated intense interest in the past decade, because of the challenges to understand their fundamental properties, and their potential in a wide array of applications ranging from developing electronic and optical devices (solar cells, light emitting devices), sensing, in vivo imaging of intracellular compartments and protein tracking, to drug delivery vehicles. Some of the unique properties that have driven these investigations include photo-responses of semiconductor QDs, metallic clusters and rare earth doped particles, photoconduction properties, plasmonic absorption and photo-thermal properties of metallic nanoparticles, as well as optimizing MRI contrast of magnetic nanoparticles.

This symposium by tradition requires active involvement of graduate students within the host University (FSU students). It will bring together chemists, physicist, engineers, and biologists, within the state of Florida and outside Florida, both nationally and internationally, to share and discuss the recent developments in nanomaterial design and the development of novel technologies based on their unique properties.

Topics include:
Invited speakers: