2015 North American Solid State Chemistry Conference

(May 22-24)

On-Campus Accommodation

To preserve the tradition and style of the NASSCC meeting, a large number of rooms will be provided in campus dorms. The cost of housing is completely covered by the registration fee. The FSU campus is quite compact, and getting from a dorm to the meeting place should not take longer than a 15-min walk. The FSU campus map can be viewed here.

Off-Campus Accommodations

There are plenty of hotels available nearby the FSU campus, although all of them will be located slightly further away than dorms. Below are some recommended options (the rates are approximate):

Residence Inn Marriott - from $129
Aloft - from $129
DoubleTree - from $129
Four Points - from $119
Hotel Duval - from $139
Courtyard Marriott - from $129

Sponsored by:
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (FSU)
Office of Research, Florida State University
College of Arts & Sciences (FSU)
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
U.S. National Committee for Crystallography
ACS, Chemistry of Materials
Elsevier, Journal of Solid State Chemistry
The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
CrystalMaker Software Ltd.
Quantum Design