Chemistry & Biochemistry Welcomes Its New Faculty Members


New Faculty
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The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry welcomes Dr. James H. Frederich, Dr. Yan-Yan Hu, and Dr. Justin G. Kennemur as our new faculty members. We are greatly excited about these excellent researchers and educators joining our Department and we are looking forward to their continuing success at FSU.

James Frederich obtained his PhD from UC Irvine, with the expertise in organic chemistry and natural product synthesis. He is joining our department after a postdoctoral stint with Prof. Patrick Harran at UCLA. The research in the Frederich group will focus on developing new strategies and methods to prepare architecturally complex molecules that exhibit important biological activity in living systems.

Yan-Yan Hu will move to FSU from University of Cambridge, where she's finishing her work in Prof. Clare Grey's group. Yan-Yan's research interests are in the application of solid-state NMR techniques to solving problems in materials science. The research in her group will involve characterizing the interfacial structures of composite materials with multinuclear high-resolution solid-state NMR complemented by microscopy and X-ray/neutron based scattering techniques.

Justin Kennemur is completing his postdoctoral work under direction of Prof. Marc Hillmyer and Prof. Frank Bates at University of Minnesota. The Kennemur research group will focus on the design and synthesis of functional polymer systems with the goal of creating new materials that address key issues in society. The research projects will be highly interdisciplinary, relying on organic and organometallic chemistry to create the materials, analytical chemistry to characterize their structure, and polymer physics and engineering to probe their function.


Graduate students interested in working with our new faculty are encouraged to contact them directly: