FSU-NMR Training Request Form (Online)



You are encouraged NOT to start the training until you plan to routinely use the spectrometers for research. (Anyone with a pacemaker or any metallic implant are NOT allowed to enter the NMR labs)



User Information


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Training Sessions


  1.     New User Safety training (it must be completed before requesting the operational training)
  2.     Varian 300
  3.     Bruker 400 /500 / 600 (routine 1H/13C solution NMR)
  4.     Bruker 400 /500 / 600 (Odd-Nuclei NMR or Advanced 2-D solution NMR)
  5.     VT NMR
  6.     Bruker 700 Cryoprobe
  7.     500 WB Solid-state / HR-NMR





Check all time slots below that you are available for training. We will set your training for the first available time that matches the schedules of the instructor and the instrument.
  Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
8 - 12 am n/a n/a n/a
1 - 5 pm n/a


When submitted this form will be sent to Dr. Chen, and an training will be arranged accordingly