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Radiochemistry Faculty

Areas: Inorganic, Materials
Specialties: Radiochemistry, Solid State Chemistry, Synthesis and Catalysis

Our group prepares and studies rare examples of materials and complexes of the heaviest elements for which macroscopic properties can be obtained from nuclear reactors.

Areas: Physical
Specialties: Computational Chemistry, Radiochemistry

The DePrince group develops theories and algorithms for high-accuracy quantum chemical simulations.

Areas: Inorganic, Materials, Physical, Organic
Specialties: Environment and Energy, Spectroscopy and Photochemistry, Radiochemistry, Synthesis and Catalysis

The Hanson research group focuses on the design, synthesis and characterization of light absorbing and emitting molecules for various applications.

Areas: Materials, Inorganic
Specialties: Environment and Energy, Radiochemistry, Solid State Chemistry

The Latturner group explores metal flux synthesis of inorganic semiconductors and intermetallics of interest for their magnetic and electronic properties.

Areas: Inorganic, Materials, Physical
Specialties: Environment and Energy, Solid State Chemistry, Photochemistry and Spectroscopy, Synthesis and Catalysis

We study relationships between crystal and electronic structures and properties of materials, in order to design and synthesize better magnets, catalysts, and stimuli-responsive molecular materials.