Dr. David Hobart, Research Professor

Dr. Albert E. Stiegman

Professional Preparation/Appointments

B.A. Rollins College (1971)
U.S. Air Force (1971-1975)
Ph.D. University of Tennessee (1981)
Postdoc, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (1981-1983)

Contact Information

Email dhobart@fsu.edu
Office  CSL 5402
Lab  CSL 5701

Programs of Research

Inorganic, Analytical

Research Specialties

Radiochemistry, Solid State Chemistry

Research Interest

Synthesis and characterization of lanthanide and actinide elements in solution and solid state, complexes with inorganic and organic ligands in environmentally relevant groundwaters, brines, and other media; glove box work with milligram, microgram and tracer quantities of radioactive transactinide elements from uranium through mendelevium. Characterization of heavy elements by electrochemistry and spectroscopy (UV-vis-nIR, Diffuse Reflectance, Raman, X-ray Diffraction, Fluorescence, NMR, EXAS), and Radiochemical Methods; alpha/beta/gamma counting and scintillation). 


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Seaborg, G. T., Hobart, D. E., Summary of the Properties of the Lanthanide and Actinide Elements, in Frontiers in Nuclear Chemistry: Commemorating the Centennial of the Discovery of Radioactivity, 1996, Indian Association of Nuclear Chemists and Affiliated Scientists, Bombay, India, pp 69-94.

Clark, D. L., Hobart, D. E., Reflections on the Legacy of a Legend – Glenn T. Seaborg 1912-1999, in Los Alamos Science, No. 26, Vol. I, 2000, Los Alamos National Laboratory report LA-UR-00-4100, pp 56-61.

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Clark D.L., Hobart D.E., Discovery of the Transuranium Elements Inspired Rearrangement of the Periodic Table and the Approach for Finding New Elements. In: Structure and Bonding, 2019, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.