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Analytical Chemistry Program

Analytical chemistry occupies a key position in modern industrial society, bridging various areas of chemistry with other disciplines such as biochemistry and molecular biology, materials and polymer science, earth and environmental sciences, and engineering. At FSU, we have recognized this uniquely interdisciplinary character of modern analytical chemistry and developed a research program that includes both fundamental developments in analytical instrumentation and techniques, as well as applications of analytical chemistry to a variety of scientific and technical problems.

The analytical chemistry program currently includes six faculty with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise who share an interest in advancing analytical science. Basic analytical research projects currently underway include: Studies of retention, migration, and band broadening in liquid chromatography, supercritical fluid chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, and size-exclusion chromatography; development of ultrahigh resolution ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry at high magnetic fields; and synthesis and characterization of novel electrically conducting polymers (synthetic metals). Applications of these fundamental instrumental and technique developments are addressing problems in a number of fields, and include: Mapping of binding surfaces in protein complexes by hydrogen/deuterium exchange, monitored by FT-ICR MS; calculation of environmental partitioning coefficients using rapid chromatographic and electrophoretic methods; characterization of the composition, structure, and reactivity of naturally-occurring organic matter (i.e., humic substances) in surface waters and sediments; characterizing polymer architecture and its effects on macromolecular degradation; and investigating temporal and spatial signaling in biological samples by microfluidics, PCR, and electrophoresis. Many of these projects are highly interdisciplinary and involve significant collaboration with other departments and institutes, including the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, the Materials Research and Technology Center, the Institute of Molecular Biophysics and Structural Biology Program, the School of Computational Science, and the Florida Resource and Environmental Analysis Center.

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Faculty in the Analytical Program

Name Locations Contact Info.
Dr. Christian Bleiholder
Associate Professor
Office:2001 CSL
Lab:2700 CSL
Email:bleiholder [at]
Dr. Yan-Yan Hu
Associate Professor
Office:3004 CSL
Lab:3301 CSL
Email:hu [at]
Dr. Robert Lazenby
Assistant Professor
Office:CSL 3006
Lab:3401 CSL
Email:rlazenby [at]
Dr. Alan G. Marshall
Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor
Office:B226 NHMFL
Email:marshall [at]
Office:850.644.0529 (NHMFL)
Dr. Michael Roper
Office:4007 CSL
Lab:3200, 4200, & 5200 CSL
Email:roper [at]
Dr. Joseph B. Schlenoff
Distinguished Research Professor Leo Mandelkern Professor of Polymer Science
Office:2006 CSL
Lab:2901 CSL
Email:schlen [at]