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Inorganic Chemistry Program

Modern chemistry is a highly multidisciplinary field that crosses into the diverse domains of materials development, biology, and environmental science. Research in these interdisciplinary topics is well represented at Florida State, as is research in more traditional areas such as the study of coordination and organometallic transition metal complexes and in radio chemistry. Students in the inorganic division conduct research in the synthesis of new materials and molecules and in the measurement of important physical and chemical properties. This research involves the use of a wide variety of both synthetic and instrumentational techniques, including Schlenck and dry box methodology for the synthesis of air sensitive compounds. Students also employ a wide range of instrumentation for the characterization of inorganic complexes and materials. These include electronic and vibrational spectroscopy (UV-Vis, Raman, FT-IR), electrochemistry, magnetic resonance (NMR, EPR), and x-ray techniques. Current areas of research include:

* organometallic chemistry of transition metal trifluorophosphine complexes
* proton-coupled electron transfer in solution
* new functional glasses and ceramics
* thin-film technology by metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD)
* radiochemistry and chemistry of the f-elements.
* chemical sensors for biomedical and environmental applications
* photophysics and photochemistry of inorganic materials
* nanostructured and nanocomposite materials

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Faculty in the Inorganic Program

Name Locations Contact Info.
Dr. Thomas E Albrecht-Schmitt
Gregory R. Choppin Professor
Office:5003 CSL
Lab:5701 CSL
Email:albrecht-schmitt [at]
Dr. Kenneth A. Goldsby
University Distinguished Teaching Professor
Office:514 DLC
Lab:537 DLC
Dr. Kenneth Hanson
Associate Professor
Office:5006 CSL
Lab:5200 CSL
Email:hanson [at]
Dr. David Hobart
Office:CSL 5402
Lab:CSL 5701
Email:dhobart [at]
Dr. Susan Latturner
Office:4002 CSL
Lab:4805 CSL
Email:latturner [at]
Dr. Biwu Ma
Associate Professor
Office:214 DLC
Lab:251 DLC
Email:bma [at]
Dr. Michael Shatruk
Cottrell Family Professor
Office:2007 CSL
Lab:2103 CSL
Email:shatruk [at]
Dr. Albert E. Stiegman
Office:3002 CSL
Lab:3703 CSL
Email:stiegman [at]
Dr. Geoffrey F. Strouse
Office:2002 CSL
Lab:2503 CSL
Email:strouse [at]