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Organic Chemistry Program

The entire breadth of organic chemistry and its interface with other fields of study ranging from materials science to biochemistry is represented in the research opportunities in the organic division at Florida State University. Current faculty research programs range from computational and physical organic chemistry to synthetic organic and bioorganic chemistry, and interdisciplinary research collaborations are also underway. As the questions being asked get continually more sophisticated, the ability to answer them increasingly depends on access to the most uptodate research instrumentaion, which we are fortunate to have at FSU. Some of the current organic chemistry research areas are:

* synthesis of natural products and other biologically important compounds
* asymmetric synthesis
* synthesis of enzyme inhibitors
* organometallic-based new synthetic methods
* laser spectroscopy to study organic reactions and intermediates
* mechanism of photochemical reactions
* intra- and intermolecular interactions and solvent effects
* molecular imprinting and supramolecular control of reactivity
* computation of stereoelectronic effects on reactions

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Faculty in the Organic Program

Name Locations Contact Info.
Dr. Igor Alabugin
Cottrell Family Professor
Office:5008 CSL
Lab:5803 CSL
Email:alabugin [at]
Dr. James H Frederich
Assistant Professor
Office:CSL 5009
Lab:CSL 5401
Email:frederich [at]
Dr. Kenneth Hanson
Associate Professor
Office:5006 CSL
Lab:5200 CSL
Email:hanson [at]
Dr. Edwin F. Hilinski
Associate Professor
Office:616 DLC
Lab:649 DLC
Email:hilinski [at]
Dr. Justin G Kennemur
Assistant Professor
Office:2005 CSL
Lab:2301 CSL
Email:kennemur [at]
Dr. Hedi Mattoussi
Distinguished Research Professor
Office:4006 CSL
Lab:4702 CSL
Email:mattoussi [at]
Dr. Salvatore Profeta, Jr.
Coordinator, Upper Level Undergrad Labs
Office:614 DLC
Lab:509 HTL
Email:profeta [at]
Dr. Jack Saltiel
Office:615 DLC
Lab:649 DLC
Email:jsaltiel [at]
Dr. Joel M. Smith
Assistant Professor
Office:5007 CSL
Lab:5404 CSL
Email:smith [at]
Dr. Lei Zhu
Office:716 DLC
Lab:755 DLC
Email:lzhu [at]