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Physical Chemistry Program

Physical chemistry deals with the fundamental relations governing the behavior of atomic matter; namely, quantum chemistry, statistical mechanics, thermodynamics and chemical kinetics/dynamics. The research interests of the faculty of the physical chemistry division, theorists and experimentalists, reach across all of these areas. The members of the Division are also associated with several other programs at FSU: The School of Computational Science (SCS), the Center for Materials Research and Technology (MARTECH), the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) and the Program in Chemical Physics. The latter is an interdisciplinary, degree-granting program between the departments of Chemistry and Physics which offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Physics.

The broad diversity of these programs provides a rich environment for physical chemists. Consequently, students in physical chemistry become exposed to many issues at the forefront of the science and they have the opportunity to explore their interests within a large community of researchers.

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Faculty in the Physical Program

Name Locations Contact Info.
Dr. Christian Bleiholder
Associate Professor
Office:2001 CSL
Lab:2700 CSL
Email:bleiholder [at]
Dr. Naresh Dalal
Dirac Professor
Office:2004 CSL
Lab:2700 CSL
Email:dalal [at]
Dr. A. Eugene DePrince III
Associate Professor
Office:3005 CSL
Lab:3806 CSL
Email:deprince [at]
Dr. Kenneth Hanson
Associate Professor
Office:5006 CSL
Lab:5200 CSL
Email:hanson [at]
Dr. Yan-Yan Hu
Associate Professor
Office:3004 CSL
Lab:3301 CSL
Email:hu [at]
Dr. Justin G Kennemur
Assistant Professor
Office:2005 CSL
Lab:2301 CSL
Email:kennemur [at]
Dr. Hedi Mattoussi
Distinguished Research Professor
Office:4006 CSL
Lab:4702 CSL
Email:mattoussi [at]
Dr. Lea Nienhaus
Assistant Professor
Office:4001 CSL
Email:nienhaus [at]
Dr. Robert Schurko
Office:3806B CSL
B234 MAG
Lab:3805 CSL
Email:rschurko [at]
Dr. Oliver Steinbock
Cottrell Professor
Office:3001 CSL
Lab:3802 CSL
Email:steinbck [at]