The following pages use the Jmol applet to enable the viewing and manipulating of molecular models. You should be able to see a molecular model displayed on a black background to the right, regardless of whether you are using a Windows, Mac OS X, or linux platform. [Windows users may need to upgrade their Java installation. Follow the installer instructions and restart the browser. You should then be able to see and manipulate the molecular model.]

To access the older, Chime-based version of these pages, click here.

Practice manipulating the model: put the mouse pointer over the model window, hold down the left mouse button and move the pointer to rotate the model manually; do the same thing while simultaneously holding down the "Shift" key to "zoom" the model (move mouse up or down) and/or to rotate it on its z-axis (move mouse left or right).

Then explore conformations of organic compounds using these cybermodels in the following tutorials. Also, try using the "Cybermodel Viewer" for side-by-side comparisons of organic molecules and for running molecular animations of conformation changes and of reactions.

Tutorials on Conformations of:
  • Alkanes
  • Cyclohexane & Other Cycloalkanes
  • Substituted Cyclohexanes
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