Chemdraw Installation Instructions

    Open your internet Browser and go to the Following Site
    Enter chemistry email address Click Submit

        Click Continue on the following page which will take you to the login page for the CambridgeSoft Website

            Click the Register button, Fill out the required fields Click Submit

            Shortly after Submiting you will recieve a email which contains your Site License Information. YOU WILL NEED THIS

            Click on the top link in the email that pretain to accessing your product.

            This will take you to the website scroll down tell you see ChemDraw 12.0 and click on the link to download the software

          Click Save Be sure to Save to the Desktop of your PC

          Click Run on the File download window

          Once download is complete you will need to Click Run again in order to install the software

          You will then see a window that will unzip the software files

          On the software activation window, refer to software site license information email for serial numbers and Registration code. Click Activate over the internet button

          The Following Screen will take you through the setup process, stick with the defaults Click Next until then install is finished and at the end click Finish