Outlook/Outlook Express

Open Outlook/Outlook Express.

Start -> programs -> Outlook Client.

(Top menu) Tools -> Accounts.

Example Image One

Select 'Mail' tab, then Add -> Mail.

Example Image Two

Display Name: Add your name to be displayed.

Example Image Three

E-mail address: <provided username>@chem.fsu.edu .

Example Image Four

Select IMAP from the drop down list (recommended), and add your Incoming/Outgoing mail server. The mail server is mail.chem.fsu.edu

Example Image Five

Provide your account name and password. The account name is the prefix before your email address. Ignore all references to secure authentication for now. This issue will be addressed later.

Example Image Six

In the Internet accounts dialog box that is still open; Select your email account and then select properties

Example Image Seven

Under the general tab change. Type the name by which you would like to refer to this server. Something descriptive like your email address. This basically just allows you to label this this particular email account.

Example Image Eight

Under the Advanced tab. Ensure that the both the outgoing and incomming settings have the SSL options checked.

Example Image Nine

Apply all changes by pressing the 'Apply' button, and also closing out the diaolog boxes. You may be asked questions pertaining to folders, just hit cancel.

This should complete the Outlook/Outlook Express client set up.

Outlook and Outlook Express may differ in regards to their menus. Just look around a bit for the settings that I have listed above.

Last Modified: 06/09/2009