Outlook 200x

Open the Outlook 200x client.

Start -> programs -> Microsoft Office -> Outlook Client.

(Top menu) Tools -> Account settings.

Example Image One


Highlight account.

Select the 'Change' button.

Example Image Two

Display Name, Email address, Account type, and Server

Its not recommended switching from POP to IMAP without backing up you inbox first.

Select IMAP from the drop down list (recommended ONLY when setting up the account initially), and add your Incoming/Outgoing mail servers. Incoming/Outgoing mail servers are mail.chem.fsu.edu.

Example Image Three

Important Settings

Please ensure that 'SSL' is selected for both the incoming and outgoing server settings. If not, you will not be able to send or receive mail messages. Setting SSL ensures that you password is not going accross the wire in a plain text format.

Example Image Four

Off Campus sending requirements

This is only required when you are off campus.

Example Image Five
Last Modified: 06/09/2009