Chemistry Mail Server Policies

PLEASE DO NOT set your email client to check for new mail every minute. 10 minutes or greater is a must. This was one of many reasons why the old Chemistry mail server was timing out. If you are expecting a mail message you can just check for it using your "Check Mail" button. Please, no less the 10 minutes.


DO NOT SEND PASSWORDs VIA EMAIL! They can be obtained.

When using the Chemistry department mail server for sending mail outside the chemistry network (i.e. from home); Account holders are required to authenticate with their username and password when sending an email to a NON-Chemistry account holder.

Users will be required to use secure authentication. This is enforced on the server end, and therefore will not allow messages to be sent until the user's email client is configured to encrypt their password. This usually consist of checking a box inside your email client. Clients listed below support this feature, and are linked to documentation on how to do this.

New Mail Server Settings

  • Incoming Server:
  • Outgoing Server:

Pop or IMAP?

The Pop protocol basically means that your mail messages are NOT left on the department mail server. Once you check your mail, all received messages are removed from the mail server. At that point, those messages will only be accessible on the machine you are sitting at (i.e. laptop, home, or work computers). There is usually an option (check box) in your email client that allows you to leave mail messages on the server. If you plan on doing this, then please just use the IMAP protocol option.

IMAP leaves all incoming and outgoing mail messages on the server. Mail messages received can be accessed from any properly configured email client. This option is recommended.

Mail Backups

If using the POP protocol, and your personal machine crashes (i.e. failed hard drive) then all mail messages on that machine will be lost. Chemistry tech support will not have a copy on the server unless you had previously selected the option to leave mail on the server.

When utilizing the IMAP protocol: All of your mail messages will reside on the mail server. Will be backing up the mail server on a regular basis, but this is a single point of failure. If by chance the backups fail during a restore, all mail is lost including mail messages in your client.

Recommendation: Backup any important email messages. {Back up 'How To' link goes here}

Email client configuration Information

How to forward your email

If you wish to forward your email messages sent to your chemistry account to another account, please send the request to Hiram Gibbard.

Please provide me with your current chemistry email address ( and the email address you wish to have all chemistry related email sent to.

At some point we would like the user's to manage this request on their own, but at the moment its not available.

Changing your email password

If you wish to change your password for your chemistry email acount, please come by room 121.

Last Modified: 06/09/2009