How To Edit Research Web Pages


Your research web pages reside in your home directory on the web server. Your username and password credentials have been copied from the mail server to the web server.

If you do not use a departmental email account you may not have an account on the web server. Please contact the webmaster (webmaster [at] in order for them to create a login account for the web.

Helpful Information

Note: All content written in between < > symbols, is content that you will have to replace with information specifically pertaining to your account.

  • Username: <some_user_name>
  • should really be something like
  • Username: smith

Home directory URL

Default home directory url:<username>/

Some of you may have requested soft links to a different URL. But both should work.

Logging into the web server


In order to login to the web server from a windows machine, follow the instructions for installing SSH. While following these instructions please note the following:.

  • Host Name:
  • User Name: <your_user_name>
  • Port Number: 22

Mac Or Linux/Unix based machine

Mac terminal is under Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal. Open it and run the following at the shell prompt.

  • ssh <your_user_name>
  • password: <Your_associated_password>

A similar application to SFTP would be a program called Fetch.

Set Up

Once connected to the machine via ssh, look for the sftp icon.


File Transfer

Left side is your local machine. Right side is the web server files.


All web files need to reside inside the public_html, other wise they won't display.

Student Management

If you wish to have students managing your web content, please send me thier email address so I can add thier credentials to the web server, as well as give them write access to your files.


If this documentation is incomplete please let me know whats missing. Webmaster [at]

Future plans are to implement a central authentication server which will handle authentication for all departmental services eliminating the need for individual passwords for each service.